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Here you will find our range of pilot beanies. Pilot beanies are beanies with ear flaps, often with fur, which makes them extra warm in winter. Here you will find beanies from manufacturers such as Stetson, Barts, Dickies and others. Pilot beanies in genuine and faux fur, with ear flaps. The ear flaps can be worn folded up or down to change the design of the beanie, according to the desired look and the outside temperature. This warm and lined beanie style has become very popular. Find a warm and comfortable fur beanie that suits you perfectly here at Hatstore!

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Men always used to wear hats, but in 1908 when Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first sustained flight in 1903 they wore beanies. A few years later, in 1908, Wilbur was wearing a beanie that he could pull down so that it did not fly off during the flight. Wilbur was a great celebrity in Europe during that time and his new fashion style became popular with young men and boys across the continent. It was called the "Wilbur" style. One such beanie style was worn after the First World War by Amelia Earhart. She had it made in soft white leather to match her white pilot jacket.

The pilot beanie can be tucked under the chin so the ear flaps keep both ears, neck and cheeks warm. They are often lined with fleece fur or artificial fur. We have several pilot beanie models here in our store.

Today, pilot beanies are once again in fashion and you often see them when you're out for a walk. You can understand why, as they are warm, comfortable and great looking. Find a pilot beanie for yourself here at Hatstore!