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Caps have been part of the skateboard culture for a long time and they do add a powerful impact on this street style. Here you will find skateboard caps from brands such as DC, Etnies, Emerica and Primitive Apparel and more. Find the cap that suits your style, one that stays on as you increase the pace, on the road, on the ramp or when you are performing your tricks. The cap is as given on the skater's head has the skateboard is on their feet. The cap keeps the hair and the sun away from your eyes when you're on the move. Find a cap that is just right for your, here at Hatstore!

446 products
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Skateboarding was launched in the late 1940s and was initiated by surfers who wanted to extend their season. Caps have been an obvious part of the skateboard culture, and the specific way of wearing the cap has widely varied over the years in this fast-paced subculture.

California experienced severe drought in 1976 and property owners were forced to drain their pools. Skateboarders used this opportunity to create their own mini-sized skate parks. Over the next two years, many concrete skate parks were built in urban environments and the first professional skateboard riders started to attract attention. Unfortunately, however, many of the skate parks have been forced to close due to low usage.

In the 1980s, street skate practitioners transformed stair racks and walls into free of charge skate parks. In the 1990s skateboarding became mainstream and fashion trends reflect the influence of the subculture on the majority of fashion. This was the time when the cap become everyone's head wear.

Skateboarding caps have been worn, and are still worn today, by skateboarders all over the world, from those who have just got their first skateboard to the professionals. Wearing caps has become an obvious part of being a skateboarder. You wear them when you move along the streets of the city or fly over the edge of the ramp and when your reach new heights, or perform the new tricks you've just learned. Get yourself a new skateboard cap to wear during the journey to become a highly skilled skateboarder. Buy it here at Hatstore!