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Here you will find our range of short cuff hats. This style of beanie has become a very popular fashion item today. Many people wear this beanie as an everyday fashion accessory, when they are out in the city or whenever it feels right to hear a hat, regardless of weather and location or whether they are outdoors or inside. Here you will find our range of short cuff beanies from brands such as Resteröds, Stetson and Brixton and many more. These low cut beanies sit firmly on the head and are great for any occasion. Find a short cuff beanie that suits your style here at Hatstore!

72 products
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The short cuff beanie is called a Chimney Sweep beanie in Sweden, where it got its name from the fact that chimney sweeps use this style of head-wear. It has been part of the protective gear worn by chimney sweeps since back in the 18th and 19th century. The chimney sweeps often wore their beanies folded up, but it was also used as a primitive protective face mask by pulling it down over the face to protect it from soot. Although it had this practical function, it wasn't always warm enough during the cold winters. Therefore, it was not unusual to see chimney sweeps lining their head-wear with newspaper.

The short cuff beanies are once again in fashion and today they are very popular, although no one would think of using them as face masks. Here you can choose short cuff beanies from several well-known brands, including the classic Smulan from Resteröds. The short cuff beanie is a cool and stylish piece of head-wear; find yours here here at Hatstore!