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Here you will find caps that are ideal for all outdoor activities. Activities that require that little extra something. What do a canoer, hiker, fishing man and climber have in common? Yes, that's right. They all need caps that suit the adventurous person. We have a variety of caps for your outdoor lifestyle. We carry brands such as The North Face, Coal, Herschel, Oakley and more. Caps with good functionality and quality that withstand both wind and weather. A cap is a must for people heading out on new adventures. Find your new cap for the outdoors here at Hatstore!

59 products
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Caps have made an interesting journey as a garment. It all started as a practical hat for baseball players to keep the sun from their eyes, to today being something of a mainstream item which is recognised all over the fashion industry. On a purely functional level there have been considerable developments. Today there are all sorts of cap styles available on the market. Some caps have ear flaps and are as warm as beanies. Some are as water-repellent as a Southwestern rain hat and yet others are packable and take up no space in your bag. In many ways, different needs have been met for those who love the outdoors and are constantly on the move.

Many people have a drive to explore nature and are eager to find that trek a bit further into the woods. They don't know where it leads, but they know they have to find it and follow it. Are you perhaps an adventurer who wants to test the limits and explore new places?

Whether your journey takes you to rafting, steep rock climbing or to standing along a river bank waiting for the big catch, a practical cap is what you need. A cap that shields you from the sun and makes you look just great. In our Outdoor category you will find a wide range of caps that are waterproof/warm/breathable and much more. A true adventurer needs a great cap. Check out which particular style of caps would fit your next outdoor adventure. You will find it here at Hatstore!