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Obey is the creation of street artist and skateboarder Shepard Fairey. Obey was formed in 2001. Since then, Shepard Fairey has been spreading his art and messages through his clothing products. Beanies and caps from Obey have nice designs with outspoken and ostentatious messages.

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Skateboarder and street artist Shepard Fairey's campaign from 1989 is the basis for the OBEY brand, which was established more than 10 years later in 2001. ”André the Giant has a Posse” was the campaign that developed into "Obey Giant" which is where the brand got its name - after the iconic OBEY sticker.

Already from the start in 2001 the focus was on spreading Shepard's art and outspoken and sometimes ostentatious messages. A cap, beanie and snapback from OBEY challenges the boundaries and is thus highly popular in various subcultures all over the world.

The style of these caps and beanies have a clear iconography in self-empowerment from Shepard Fairey, by being outspoken and in classic military design inspired by skateboarding and punk rock. Other strong influences come from popular culture, commercial marketing and particularly from political messaging. It's not uncommon that a cap or a beanie from OBEY is political or socially provocative as it strives to push boundaries and to challenge oneself. Obey strives to encourage people to question and reflect about their surroundings.