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Henri Lloyd is a brand famous for beautiful stylish designs. Caps and beanies from Henri Lloyd is a fashion conscious choice. Henri Lloyd is a sailing garment brand that was founded in 1963. Sailor Ben Ainslie is commonly seen wearing Henri Lloyd and has won the European Championship 9 times, World Championship 11 times and the Olympic Games 4 times consecutively. A cap and beanie by Henri Lloyd not only fills its function during sailing, but is also a stylish and classy everyday fashion item when it is combined with a modern clothing style.

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When Henri Lloyd was created in the 1960s in Manchester, the sailing world was revolutionised as the creators Henri Lloyd and Henri Strzelecki were the first to use nylon materials in their products. They have continued to be innovative, by e.g. being the first using nylon zippers and they were among the first to use Goretex. Henri Lloyed represents innovation in a classic style with a modern feel. Henri Lloyd's caps and beanies do not only fill their practical function but are also stylish and aesthetic.

This is a brand that has been around for a long time and they are as big today as they have ever been thanks to the high quality of their products. This is something that attracts professional sailors as much as the fashion world. Wearing a cap or a beanie from Henri Lloyd is a fashion-conscious choice and a strong trend within casual wear. The caps and beanies have a fashionable style with a marine feel that honours the brand's traditions from the sailing world. The brand is still big among sailors. Henry Lloyd is worn by sailors such as Ben Ainslie, who has won not only 4 consecutive Olympic Games, but also 9 Europe Championships and 11 World Championships.