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Here you will find our complete collection of hats! We have a wide selection of hats from famous manufacturers such as Stetson, Brixton, Kangol, Coal and others. Hat models such as Fedora, Trillbilly, straw hats, Porkpie, The hat is the obvious choice for anyone who wants head wear with tradition and style. Hats of high quality and conscious fabric choices. Hats with feathers, broad or narrow brims. Anything that suits your choice and personality. Many of our hats have a genuine history that stretches over more than a century! Here you can get into the mood that only a real quality hat can make possible! Find your hats here at Hatstore!

2002 products
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We have all our hats at our own warehouse for the fastest possible delivery to you. Fast delivery together with reasonable prices is an opportunity for you to buy hats completely hassle-free and easily. We have a wide range of classic Stetson hats, mixed with modern caps from New Era. All to ensure you will find the hat that suits you. Choose from a wide range of colours and sizes to fit you perfectly and to match your outfit.

People have been wearing hats throughout history. The earliest preserved head-wear that has been discovered is about 5300 years old. It can safely be assumed that hats have been around considerably longer than that. The hat has been warming the head on its wearer, as well as been screening of the sun from their eyes. Hats have changed shapes and designs based on fashion and ideal. Its purposes have been both decorative and practical.

Through the centuries, hats have been a sign of status in both society and occupation, as well as been a garment to protect its owner from different weather conditions. Its sign of status has even given its name to a political party in Sweden - the workers' party "Hattarna" ("The Hats") in the late 19th century. In the past, there were plenty of hatters who both made tailor-made hats and repaired people's favourite hats that they might have received through inheritance or simply been loved so much by their owners that they needed a little caring repair. Hats are used frequently again today, and today's owners are also deeply attached to their hats. The difference is probably that more people can afford a number of hats today regardless of profession. Hat lovers make a great investment in buying an item that will be around for years to come. Who does not want a beautiful fedora, trilby, or a straw hat or porkpie in their collection? Or why not a practical bucket, straw hat or fishing hat? Here you can find the hat to start or expand your collection!