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Here you will find a variety of golf caps for your next round of golf! Few sports are as romanticised as golf. For many, golf is not only a spare time activity, it's a lifestyle. A true golfer is of course wearing the perfect golf cap for the warm sun-drenched round of golf. Brands such as Cobra, Taylor Made, Oscar Jacobson, J.Lindeberg, and others, provide the golfer with a range of high quality classy golf caps. The most common materials that golf caps are made from are wool, flannel and cotton with some few exceptions. A stylish cap may of course also suit the fashion conscious outside the golf course. With a cool golf cap, people will be eager to ask you about your latest game, your handicap and your favourite golf course. Discover your favourite caps, among our wide range of golf caps here at Hatstore!

388 products
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There are no confirmed sources as to when the first golf club was swung, but golf is considered to have originated from Scotland and dates back to the 15th century. In a couple of laws from that time, the game is referred to as "gowf". What is mentioned is shepherds who amused themselves by hitting rocks with their crooks toward different targets. The activity increased in popularity and soon transformed into a competition where different Scottish villages competed in hitting rabbit holes from far distances.

In 1744, the world's first golf club was founded. The modern game developed extensively in Scotland during the second half of the 19th century and today golf is played both recreationally and professionally all over the world.

With the culture that has developed around this old sport, caps have recently become an obvious part of the gear. To be distracted by glare when aiming for the perfect shot is the last thing a true golfer wants. Therefore, the brim of the cap is a very important feature! Golf has evolved over time and so has the head wear. Today it is the brim caps, adjustable caps with curved brims and flexfit caps that is most popular. Here, among our range of golf caps you will find brands that are specialised specifically based on the golfer's needs. If you are soon to head out to the golf course, make a smart move and buy yourself a golf cap. You are sure to find a favourite in our wide range of caps here at Hatstore!